7 Best Lawyers in Kenya 2022

7 Best Lawyers in Kenya 2022: At one point or the other in life, you might require the essential services of a lawyer or someone to represent you in a court of law. In a fast developing country like Kenya, Millions of its citizens might be already established lawyers or newly practicing lawyers. Together with my team, we have compiled for you a list of the finest lawyers in the country with whom you can easily win a case in the court of law.

1.Fred Ngatia (Senior Counsel)

He is one of the most hardworking and outspoken lawyers in the country. Fred Ngatia has represented various top bodies in the court of law. Equally, he has won a number of elections, proving himself worth of the race. He has been regarded as a constitutional guru and a maestro in the Judicial service cases.

2.George Oraro (Senior Counsel)

He has established his law firm that has served Kenyans  for more than 35 years. Through the years, he has been practicing law at the court of appeal and the supreme court. He is the lawyer that defended Henry Kosgei in his International Criminal Court (ICC) court and represented Central bank of Kenya in the Goldenberg scandal.

3.Professor Githu Muigai( Senior Counsel)

He is one of the big names in the Industry and the current Attorney General of the republic of Kenya. He is one of the established men, having served in the constitution of Kenya review committee.

4.Kenneth Fraser. (Senior Counsel)

He is a senior partner of the Hamilton Harrison and Mathews firm.22.

7 Best Lawyers in Kenya 2022

5.Amos Wako( Senior Counsel)

He served as the Attorney General of Kenya. He is a big deal in the law cases.

6.AhmedNassir Abdulahi ( Senior Counsel).

The former dean at the University of Nairobi school of law is a renown lawyer. He has an established law firm and is one of the best.

7.James Orengo (Senior Counsel).

He has been hailed as one of the best of the best, having won several key cases including the 2017 Elections petition at the supreme court of Kenya that saw President Uhuru loose the first 2017 election petition.

7 Best Lawyers in Kenya 2022



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