Real estate companies in Kenya are fast taking shape as the country is seeking to secure affordable housing for their citizens. The need for a house is one of the basic needs in the country. It is a fact that you cannot leave without a house. Real estate is one of the best investment option for those wishing to make millions of money within a certain duration of time. There are very many real estate companies in Kenya. That means you will need to make a choice when deciding which best favors your interests. Here is a list of some of the best real estate companies in the current Kenya. Take a look:

1.Knight Frank Kenya:

Having been established in the year 1998, the company has massive investments spread across Uganda and Tanzania. Plans are underway to expand to Central Africa. The company is known for provision of quality services to its clients.

2.Hass Consult Limited:

The company entered the Kenyan market in the year 1992 and has since provided quality services to all its clients.

3.One acre Fund:

This company is among the most recent in the market. It has branches across the nation with key investments in some of the biggest citizens in Kenya. It is known for being customer oriented and I think you should give it a trial.

4.Lloyd Masika:

Being one of the privately owned entity in Kenya, it has vast services across the nation. Its growth has been tremendous since it was launched in the year 1979.

5.Homescope Properties:

For over ten years, the company has continuously grown to be one of the best building consultant and developer.

6.Vila Care Limited:

The company has specialized in real estate, commercial properties as well as management and sale of residential properties around the world. Its fast and tremendous growth is an indication of provision of excellent services.



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