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Katie Price: Currrent Status and full relationship timeline

Katie Price looking good

Katie Price: Katie Price, the British media personality who rose to fame as a glamour model in the 90s, has lived a life as vibrant and tumultuous as the headlines she generates. From chart-topping hits to reality TV stardom to personal struggles, she’s a constant figure in the public eye. So, where does Katie Price stand today, and how did her whirlwind relationships shape her journey?

Katie Price looking good

Current Status:

As of December 2023, Katie’s life is a tapestry of ongoing projects and personal challenges. She recently released her latest documentary, “Trauma and Me,” exploring her experiences with PTSD and childhood abuse. She continues to be a vocal advocate for mental health awareness.

On the business front, Katie’s equestrian center, KP stables, remains a passion project. She’s also active on social media, engaging with her fans through Instagram and TikTok. However, financial difficulties and legal issues continue to cast a shadow, requiring her to navigate the complexities of debt restructuring and court appearances.

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Relationship Timeline:

Katie’s love life has been a rollercoaster, with high-profile romances, marriages, and break-ups fueling tabloid fodder. Here’s a glimpse into her relationship timeline:

Early Relationships (1990s):

Katie’s early career was punctuated by relationships with singers Dane Bowers and Gareth Gates, both attracting media attention.


This period saw Katie’s marriage to singer Peter Andre, with whom she shares two children, Junior and Princess. Their reality show “Katie & Peter” was a major success, but the couple eventually divorced amidst rumors of infidelity.

Katie Price and peter


This decade saw a string of relationships, including a brief engagement to Alex Reid, a tumultuous marriage to Kieran Hayler (with whom she had two children, Bunny and Jett, but also faced infidelity scandals), and on-again-off-again relationships with fitness instructor Kris Boyson.


In 2020, Katie began dating former Love Island star Carl Woods. Their relationship was filled with public displays of affection, engagements, and break-up rumors. Recently, Katie’s TikTok account hinted at a possible split, but she later clarified that her account was hacked. As of today, their relationship status remains unclear.

The Impact of Relationships:

Katie’s relationships have undoubtedly shaped her experiences. While some brought her joy and family, others led to heartbreak and public scrutiny. Her openness about her personal struggles, including domestic abuse and mental health challenges, has resonated with many, solidifying her position as a relatable figure despite the controversies surrounding her.

Looking Ahead:

What does the future hold for Katie Price? It’s hard to predict. But one thing is certain: she’s a fighter, and her resilience and determination are likely to guide her through whatever life throws her way. Whether it’s further creative ventures, advocating for mental health, or navigating personal challenges, Katie Price will undoubtedly continue to be a captivating figure in the public eye, forever etching her name in the pop culture landscape.