Jorginho’s current girlfriend is a hot gem. The rumors that have been circulating through the internet have been confirmed to be true. Chelsea’s star midfielder Jorginho parted ways with his wife in the year 2019 and has moved on with his life with another lady. In this article, we focus on the biography of the new girlfriend. Things like what is her name and where does she come from. Take a look.

Full name of Jorginho’s Current Girlfriend:

Catherine Harding


Catherine is one of the famous stars in Italy. She has built her career from scratch into one of the most admirable ones. She is a model and a pop star who sings Italian Songs. Such a nice thing to have a model for a girlfriend.

Place of Birth for Jorginho’s Current Girlfriend

She was born in the London Borough of England in the United Kingdom. To read more on Wilfried Zaha and his biography, click on Wilfried Zaha Biography, age, Girlfriend, Nickname and Hobbies

Jorginho's Current Girlfriend

Instagram handles for Jorginho’s current Girlfriend:

She has a cute nickname that many are not away from. She loves calling herself cat_cavelli and that happens to be her Instagram name. To read more on local news, click on

Age of Jorginho’s current Girlfriend:

Catherine is currently 301years of age as of 2021, while his fiancee is clocking 30. Europecouples know how to balance the age deficit between the family man and the family woman.

Do they have Childre together?

Yes, Jorginho and Catherine have a son together. She gave birth to a cute baby the last September.

Jorginho's Current Girlfriend

Euro 2020 for Jorginho’s current Girlfriend:

Many partners did nota chance to join their husbands during Euro 2020 due to the travel restrictions imposed by England due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, these two lovebirds were spotted on a holiday by the ocean enjoying the sunset together in a romantic environment. To read more sports news, click on

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