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Ja Morant’s girlfriend/wife, Daughter, Height and Bio

Rising above your potential to become one of the most renown professional basketball players is not a joke. It involves plenty of hardwork, excellence and self discipline. He has not achieved it on a silver platter but had to work really smart to dine with the kings. There is no doubt to the fact that Ja Morant has proved himself  to be a valuable asset to his club and teammates.

He rose to glory after signing a contract with the National basketball Association(NBA) at a tender age of 20. Currently, he is fast approaching 23 and has converted himself to one of the legendary basketball players.

Ja Morant’s Biography:

He was born and  raised up in Dalzell that is located in South Carolina. Not known to many, his father played basketball at Clafin University where he rose to the ranks as a professional basketball player.

Ja Morant’s girlfriend/Wife:

Previously, Ja Morant was married to Kadre Dixon. She was his first and longest-lasting girlfriend. Kadre is famously known as KK Dixon. The couple first came to the public limelight in 2018 when posed on Instagram. They later welcomed their first child in August 2019, where they officially became the most popular couple in the world.

Ja Morant’s Daughter:

Ja Morant has a daughter with Kadre Dixon. The daughter is known as Kaari Jaidyn Morant. She was born much earlier than expected hence the mother had to stay at the hospital for few weeks before returning home.

Ja Morant’s Height:

Currently, he stands at 1.91 m in height.


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