I trust that your day is moving on well and welcome to our Mpya News Posts. The bigger part of this week has been occupied by the United democratic alliance(UDA) party primaries commonly known as elimination or mchujo. The event saw most of the political bigfish in the UDA fall down in the party preliminaries. From the likes of Caleb Kositany to the likes of  Isaac Mwaura have been the talk of the town after failing to clinch the UDA ticket for the August polls. The UDA party primaries did not spare even the beautiful ones as Laikipia’s Simba Cate failed terribly. The lion was rained on!

Kenyans have come out in large numbers to react to the fall of Isaac Mwaura who previously served as a nominated senator. He is a kenyan politician and a disability advocate in the Kenyan senate. He serves as a representative of the persons with disabilities.

Mwaura hit the headlines as he was the first member of parliament in kenya with Albinism. He was nominated under the Jubilee party of Kenya but was later ejected for ditching the party by joining UDA.

Isaac Mwaura failed to clinch the Ruiru parliamentary seat after he lost to the incumbent member of parliament Simon King’ara. Isaac has cried foul of the nominations saying that they were occupied with multiple gross misconduct and election malpractices. He is yet to coincide defeat after loosing terribly to the current serving mp.

Earlier on, Mwaura was accused of too much exaggeration trying to be close to the common mwananchi. His politics were characterized by visiting the poor, cooking for them and eating at vibandaski. Despite all this, the lost. Earth is very hard.




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