Insurance Companies that Sponsor EPL Football Clubs: Insurance is the act of securing your property, life or livestock under a pool of umbrella where you are refunded incase of loss. Insurance gives investors confidence in trading and thus increases their urge to invest more cash without the fear of loosing it. Football is a very beautiful game that has a lot of sponsors spread across many industries. Of notable interest is the sponsors from the Insurance companies who form the major basis of this article today. Take a look and enjoy some of the lucrative companies that power your favorite football clubs.

1.Vitality Insurance Company:

Vitality is one of the global multilateral companies in the world. It has assets, offices and customers from all over the world. The Insurance company is among Insurance Companies that Support EPL Football Clubs. It majorly deals with Life and Health Insurance. Yes, you can insure your health. recently, most companies launched the cancer Insurance program in a bid to expand their services. Vitality Insurance is the official partner of Newcastle United. The company also couples up as the official partner of Bournemouth Football club as well as Cardiff City.

Insurance Companies that Support EPL Football Clubs

2.Siam Commercial Bank.

This is a Thailand based Insurance company that has stakes in England and the rest of the world.  It majors its trade in Bank assurance industry those those in the banking sector. The company is one of the official sponsors of Leicester City football club. The club enjoys billions of shillings from the Insurance Company every year.

3.AXA Insurance Company(Insurance Companies that Sponsor EPL Football Clubs)

AXA is one of the leading and most trusted insurance companies in the world. It majors  in life and Non life Insurance and is the official partner of Liverpool Football Club for over four years.

4.AIA Insurance Company.

This company has stood with Tottenham Hotspurs for as long as I can remember. It is a life Insurance multilateral that pumps over 21 million USD into Tottenham Hotspurs every year, assisting in the paying of salaries and equipping the football club.

Insurance Companies that Support EPL Football Clubs


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