Insufficient Storage on your Phone

How to Solve the Problem of Insufficient Storage on your Phone: Phones are very useful in life but at times, they can be very annoying. You must have received the notice ”Insufficient storage” at one point or the other when using your phone. Today, I will be sharing a few tips on how to maintain your phone with enough space to run your applications. Here are some of the tips:

How to Solve the Problem of Insufficient Storage on your Phone

1. Transfer your photos and large files from your phone to your computer. Usually, photos taken from the recent brands of phones have an image size of close to 10 MBS per photo depending on the clarity of the photo. For this reason, many photos will contribute to the storage of your photos declining. Move the photos and large items such as movies to your computer or flash.

 Insufficient Storage on your Phone

2. Free cache:

The cache is usefully a repetition of information that might be appearing twice on your phone, hence contributing to the loss of phone space. Go to your phone and clear the cache.

3. Back up your photos on google drive and delete some of the photos consuming your space. It should be noted that the camera photos consume a lot of space, especially for the high-quality photos. Backing them on google cloud or google drive will reduce the storage.

4. Delete unnecessary apps. Some of the apps you have stored in the phone consume a lot of space as they spend more time on your phone. Deleting them will add your total space.

 Insufficient Storage on your Phone

5. Instal a better file manager app that will enable you to manage your storage clearly. A normal file manager is challenging as it has fewer instincts of your storage usage. Upgrade to a better file manager.

4. Clear browser history. Some browsers such as google chrome tend to accumulate more space in the phone. Clearing the history will eliminate the problem of insufficient storage.

5. Invest in a SD card. Almost all phones accept the installation of SD card. This will give your phone an option incase the main storage is full.


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