It is prudent and worthy for a man to diversify his sources of Income. Even in the Holy Bible, Solomon, advices the human generation to invest their finances in multiple ventures because you never know where bad luck is likely to fin you. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself of how to buy stocks with bitcoin. Many brokers across the world are lecturing us on fake ways of buying stock using btc. Probably you have been robbed and that’s why this article will be beneficial to you if you are thinking of how to buy stocks with bitcoin.

Stocks and shares have been unnecessarily difficult to buy using bitcoin despite many brokers offering traders in both. In fact, buying of stock with bitcoin is as rare as the hens teeth. Many articles have been written, offering many ways on the same but end up to be a waste of time. However, I am sure enough that this article will bring you all the joy and the much needed information to excel in this field.

The only site that seems to be on the right track as far as providing information on how to buy stocks with bitcoin is a site known as Ibroker.  However, if you try to google this site, it will surprise you that the site has been seize by the FBI.

However, a new and different method on how to buy stock with bitcoin has been discovered. By the use of, the users of the mentioned site can now use bitcoin to buy stock in Apple, Facebook, Netflix, ford and other global multilateral companies.

Steps on How to Buy Stocks with Bitcoin:

Buying of the stock has been simplified. You just have to simply add or purchase the bitcoin through your official trading account then you can easily choose the stock you wish to trade and the amount of bitcoin you want to spend.


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