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How Rich is Angel Reese? See her Stunning Net Worth as of 2024

Angel Reese looks nice

Angel Reese: Welcome to my blog guys, in this blog, I am going to talk to you about How rich is Angel Reese. See her stunning net worth as of 2024. Angel Reese is an American professional basketball player. I can admit that she is a young athlete who is rising in women’s basketball. She has led her team, The LSU Tigers, to a historic NCAA championship victory in 2023.

Angel Reese looks nice

As of 2024, her net worth is estimated to be $1.8 million. There are some of the factors that have contributed to her net worth.

1. NIL Deals.

One of her income factors is the NIL Deals. With her exceptional talent and championship pedigree, she is likely to secure lucrative NIL deals with major brands.

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2. Performance Bonuses.

She also gets performance bonuses. Some universities offer performance-based bonuses to their star athletes.

3. Social Media Influence.

The player also gets some of her net worth from social media influence. She can leverage her platform to promote brands and products. This influencer income stream, through potentially smaller than NIL deals, can still be a significant contributor.

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$1.3 Million is the amount of money estimated from NIL deals.

And $3 Million is the higher estimate taking into account potentially Larger NIL deals, performance bonuses, and influencer income.