''Hii utacheka uishe!" See these 10 Hilarious Insurance Covers that do exist

”Hii utacheka uishe!” See these 10 Hilarious Insurance Covers that do exist:  In the world full of a lot of fears, the rich have resounded in surrounding themselves with Insurances that bar them from any harm incase of accidents. Welcome from each and every part of the continent that you are reading this from. I have listed for you a list of covers and Insurance policies you have never heard of but actually do exist. Take a look.

1.Coverage against Alien Abduction:

I am yet to hear of a person abducted from earth by the aliens. Well, if you happen to be at a risk of Alien abduction, I have news for you. You can get an insurance coverage against Alien Abduction. Many do believe that Aliens do not exist but there are facts and evidences that Aliens actually do exist.

''Hii utacheka uishe!" See these 10 Hilarious Insurance Covers that do exist

2.Body part Insurance:

You can insure your finger, legs and other body parts as well. If you thought that this is a joke, it might surprise you that most footballers have insured their legs and body parts against any breakage. Famous footballer David Beckham has insured his legs and face for close to 195 million dollars.

3.Hair Insurance:

People are rich out here! Imagine someone spending heftily to insure their hair against any type of harm. Well, Troy Polamalu, a former sports player in the American National Football League insured his curly hair for $1 million.

4.Wedding Insurance:

For those who worry of events, it could be a risk to organize a wedding without thinking of the possible adverse outcomes. The bride’s dress could get ruined!. Your photographer could get drunk or the weather could terribly fail you. More reasons you would say yes to this insurance.

5.Divorce Insurance:

If your marriage fails and you had a divorce insurance, it means that you will receive a hefty amount of money.

6.Falling Coconut Insurance:

Imagine being hit by a coconut as you relax by the beach! Well, if you are one who is worried of such, you can take an insurance company to shield you from such instances.

7.Death by laughter Insurance:

Several Instances have been recorded of people dying while laughing. Laughing heard might result to heart failures as well as oxygen deprivation and many more. You can insure yourself against death by laughter.


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