Education may seem to be simple and straightforward to some, but to others, it is not a a walk in the park. It is common sense that some degree programs are harder and more challenging than others, no wonder there is an order of merit when applying for the courses. In this article, I have summarized my findings of some of the most difficult courses in the world based on the commitment needed, the course outline as well as the nature of the course itself. Take a look. This research has borrowed a life on the 2016 NSSE survey report. Hardest Undergraduate Degrees


This is the study of clouds, planets and space rocks as well as stars. It might seem easy on your eyes but you will need to gear and toughen yourself with over 20 hours a week in studies. It is not a walk in the park.

6. Physics

Truth be told, a bachelors in physics is one of the most challenging. Undergraduates in Physics must spend more than 21 hours per week in studies, leave alone research. Course programs such as quantum physics magnesium, waves and thermodynamics makes it more challenging.

5. Cell and Molecular Biology:

Molecular biology has been listed as one of the hardest courses in the whole world. It combines both biology and chemistry making it more challenging.

4.Biomedical Engineering

This involves using the principles of medicine and chemistry to create quality products explicitly for medical car. Students of this course must master physics, engineering, design, thermodynamics and statistics.

3.Astronautical Engineering:

This is an advanced form of aircraft engineering. It includes the development of airplanes for usage outside the earths atmosphere or rather the advancement of rockets.

2.Chemical Engineering:

This course entails the design, creation, use and transport of synthetic compounds. It also involves working in chemical plants around the world.

1.Architecture:(Hardest Undergraduate Degrees)

For years, it has been rated as one of the hardest degrees in the world. Its coursework involves maths, physics, architecture, metropolitan deign and architectural history.


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