Graham Potter’s Wife is very supportive of her husband. This is according to photos of herself in various stadiums cheering up his husband’s team. Even in live interviews, Graham has confessed that her wife remains to be very supportive of her football career. This article focuses on Graham Potter’s wife and everything you need to know about her. Here are the facts tabled below:

Full Name:

Rachel Potter.

Graham Potter’s Wife; Date of Birth and Age:

Having been born on February 22, 1977, she is currently aged 44 years.


She was born in the town of York in England, meaning that she is English by nationality.

Graham Potter's Wife


Apart from being the wife to the renowned Brighton and Hove Albion manager, Rachel runs a couple of successful businesses in town. To read more on Steve Gerrald’s wife and her occupation, click on Steven Gerrard’s Wife: Alex Curran Biography, age, Occupation and Nationality

When did the two Start Dating:

Their love story dates back to the days when Graham Potter was a football player. What an Era!  Though none of them has disclosed when exactly they got married, it is official that they tied the wedding knots in a colorful event attended by Graham’s colleagues. is a cool place where you can get local African news.

Graham Potter's Wife

Graham Potter’s Wife: Occupation

As mentioned earlier she runs a couple of income-generating units under the name Pilates Business. She relocated her business from York to Ostersund, Sweden, and regrew it months later. To return to the main website, click on

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