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Girlfriend to Joshua Kimmich: Her Full name

Lina Meyer is the beautiful lady who is dating Bayern Munich’s star Joshua Kimmich.

Date of Birth and Current Age:

Having been born on the 23rd of May in 1991, she has a stunning age of 30 years as of now. She is three years older than Kimmich. The clarification is important as some couples have problems when the husband is younger than the wife. However, residents of the European Countries and the American continent seem not to be bothered by age as it is just but a number.

Girlfriend to Joshua Kimmich:

Girlfriend to Joshua Kimmich: Place of Birth and Nationality:

She is a German by nationality, having been born in Rottweil in Germany.

Girlfriend to Joshua Kimmich: Her Occupation

She is a German Volleyball player who has represented her country on several International matches. She gained a lot of popularity from her career as well as being the engaged one to Joshua Kimmich.

Girlfriend to Joshua Kimmich

THEIR LOVE STORY: Where did they meet?

The two met when Lina was working in the fan shop at RB Leipzig before Kimmich moved to Bayern Munich. Lets say it was love at the first sight and as it is said, the rest is history

State of their relationship;

The couple have been together since 2013 and the relationship is getting stronger with time.


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