Girlfriend to Alphonso Davies has hit the headlines on several occasions for her outstanding beauty and taste of fashion. She has been the talk of the town sue to her stunning beauty and curvaceous body. Similarly, Alphonso has proven to be a hero, in and out of the pitch as he has maintained a stable relationship with his girlfriend. In this article, we seek to dig deeper into the biography of this amazing lady who happens to be Alphonso Davies girlfriend. Take a look and enjoy each sentiment.

Full names of the Girlfriend to Alphonso Davies:

Alphonso is in love with this beauty lady by the name Jordyn Huitema.

Date of Birth:

Jordyn was born on 8th of May in 2001. She is such a young lady yet has achieved great in life.

Place of Birth and Nationality:

She was born in a town known as Chilliwack in the British Columbia. This means that she is a Canadian by nationality.

Girlfriend to Alphonso Davies

Interesting Facts between the Two Lovebirds:

I don’t know how it feels to share the same career with your girlfriend, fiancée or wife. On rare occasions do doctors marry fellow doctors or even footballers marrying their fellow footballers. However, Alphonso beat all odds to date a fellow professional footballer. Jordyn plays professional football for Paris Saint Germain Ladies while Alphonso plays for German side Bayern München.

How did the Two Meet up?

Surprisingly, the two lovebirds met at Vancouver Whitecaps in Canada in the year 2017. They started dating while still youngsters after Alphonso proposed in a stylish way and she accepted.

Girlfriend to Alphonso Davies

Girlfriend to Alphonso Davies: Side Hustles

The two own a YouTube channel that has millions of followers under the  name ”Jordyn and Alphonso”

Girlfriend to Alphonso Davies: Her Football Career:

Since the childhood days, Jordyn had a softy spot for football, joining a football academy at an age of four while in Canada. She joined the PSG main women team in the year 2019 and is a member of the Canadian National team.

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