Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga is one of the sensational celebrities on Kenyan Instagram. The stunning beauty is a real gem! She has the looks, the nice taste of fashion, and her curvaceous body is enough to drive one crazy. Since she commands a large number of fans across several social media platforms, we decided to write this article for you to discover more about her. Take note of the following biography and enjoy as you read.

Georgina Njenga

Full name:

Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga Age:

As of 2021, the celebrity admitted to being 20 years of age, a move that made many of her fans react. Most of the fans claimed that she could be older than the announced age. It should also be noted that women like to keep their age very private.

Boyfriend :

Those eying on the Beautiful Georgina, I had bad news for you. The beautiful lady is already taken by a familiar face. She is already dating Tyler Mbaya, a celebrity in Kenya who featured in a local cast known as ”Machachari”. The couple is in a happy relationship, a colorful one with several celebrations, road trips, and parties.

Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga Education:

So far, there is no information that has been provided about her education life. However, one fact that we are sure of this that she attended her primary, secondary, and campus education in Kenya.

Georgina Njenga Dating life with Tyler Mbaya:

Since Tyler Mbaya introduced her to social media platforms, he looks more happy and relaxed. As the couple recently celebrated Tyler Mbaya’s birthday, Georgina thanked her boyfriend for the steadfast love that has kept the relationship moving and very strong. She went ahead to comment that Tyler has raised the bar so high that it is difficult for other men to grab her away. We wish the couple all the best.

Georgina Njenga Instagram:

Through Instagram, you can find her at georgina_njenga. Thanks.


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