George Kittle’s Wife has many untold facts that are not currently available in other websites. However, publishers of this website have worked round the clock to get you some of the most exiting facts you need to know about this beautiful wife. This section will appear under the category of the American Football as George Kittle is one of the renown American football players around the world. Currently, George is the best tight end in football in the recent years. Below is the biography of his supportive wife. Take a look and leave your comment at the end. To visit our main website, click on

George Kittle’s Wife: Full name

The beautiful lady goes by the name Claire Kittle Till.

Year of Birth:

Claire is just as young as she looks on the photos. She was born in the year 1994 and her exact date of birth is still under review.

George Kittle’s Wife: Place of Birth and Nationality

Claire was born in Dubuque, Lowa in the United States of America. She is an American by Nationality.

George Kittle’s Wife: Social Media and Instagram Handles:

She is famous on Instagram, having nearly over 80,000 followers and still counting more. She uses the name clairekittle.

Education and Schooling Life:

She attended Wahlert Highschool and Later the University of Lowa. She is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in health and Human physiology.

George Kittle’s Wife: Career and Hobby:

Not known to many, Claire played Basketball at the Hawkeyes Women club for four years from 2012 to 2016.

When Did George Propose to Claire?:

Every dating and marriage has a point when the husband formerly proposed to the wife. This relationship is also not an exception as Kittle proposed to Claire on August 2018.

Marriage Dates:

Having advanced from dating, the couple was legally married in a wedding ceremony attended by many players in April 2019. So far so good. They are still very strong in the relationship and aiming towards higher levels.

Untold Facts: Things that Make Claire Happy:

Everyone has their undying source of joy and happiness. To Claire, she has an undying passion in fitness. She is often seen posing in the gym.

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