The world cup is no doubt the most-watched football competition in the world. The competition is held after every four years and attracts massive fans from all across the world. The best of the best teams across the globe congregate to battle out for the glory of winning the competition. In the last competition, France won the cup while the next competition is scheduled to take place in Qatar. In this article, we shall look at the first-ever country to win the competition.


Uruguay national football team was the first team in the whole world to win the first-ever world cup football competition.


The competition was held at a place called Montevideo in Uruguay. Perhaps the team enjoyed home advantage hence had plenty of time to thrash their competitors mercilessly.


The competition took place between 13 th -30 th of July in 1930.

Teams that participated:

The national teams that participated in the competition include Uruguay, Belgium, Paraguay, the United States, Peru, Romania, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, France, Chile, Yugoslavia, and  Argentina.

Final scores:

The finals took place at the Estadio Centenario stadium and attracted 93,000 fans. The match ended in a thrilling 4-2 win for Uruguay over their opponents Argentina.

Other facts.

The competition is said to have attracted over 500,000 fans from Uruguay and across other participating nations. Over the years, the number of fans has increased rapidly. The most recent competition was hosted in Russia, attracting over 3 million fans from all across the globe.



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