World cup is such a highly anticipated competition in the entire world. It draws the finest of the finest national teams across the world into a one-month competition, battling out for the glory of who will win the competition. With preparations ahead of the 2022 world cup entering the final stages, I decided to enlighten you on how the first-ever world cup looked like, the challenges it faced and the good moments cherished in its history.

  1. The first-ever football world cup competition was held in Uruguay and the Uruguay national team became the first-ever national team to win the competition held in the year 1930.
  2. There was no single African country in the competition. This could be easily explained as most of the African nations were still undergoing Brutal colonization and Football has not yet picked up in the countries. Civilization too had not yet chipped in.

3. Before the start of the final match, there was a conflict between the two sides. Both Uruguay and Argentina each wanted to use their ball to play into the final. Fifa had to chip in and an agreement was made that Argentina’s ball would be used in the first half while the Uruguay ball will be used in the second half. Here is a photo of how the balls looked like.

4. There was no third-place game according to official sources. However, Fifa still insists that the game took place and Yugoslavia won 3-1 against the United States to emerge third in the first-ever world cup competition.

5. A record of 590,547 fans attended the world cup competitions.

6. The number of total matches played was 18.

7. Guillermo Stabile was the top scorer of the competition, scoring 8 goals. He was an Argentine footballer who later became a manager. He later died in the year 1966.


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