Female Condoms: Price, appearance, Advantages and Disadvantages

With the ever growing world population, there has been a need for family planning and maintenance of population. Even as the male contraceptives and other forms of family planning are coming up, the world has isolated and distanced itself from the female condoms which are rarely spoken about. This exclusive article seeks to unearth the benefits and disadvantages of these types of condoms. Take a look.

Female condoms are made of soft, think, synthetic latex. They are worn inside the vagina to prevent the male semen form getting into the womb during sexual intercourse. Here are some of the facts about the female condoms:

Facts about the Female condoms:

1.They must be placed inside the vagina before the sexual activity.2.They protect one from  sexually transmitted infections.3.When used correctly, they are 95% effective and safe for use.4. It can get pushed into the Vagina during sexual intercourse but you can easily remove it if it happens.5.They must never be reused.

Female Condoms: Price, appearance, Advantages and Disadvantages

How to use a female condom:

1.Open the pack with your hands and not teeth.2.Squeze the ring at the closed end of the condom and put it to your vagina.3.The large ring at the open end of the condom should cover the area around vagina opening.4.The penis should go through the female condom and not side ways.5.After completion of activity, gently remove it by twisting the large ring.

Advantages of the female condom:

1.Protects from sti’s2.Prevents pregnancy.3.Has no serious side effects.

Female Condoms: Price, appearance, Advantages and Disadvantages

Disadvantages of the female condoms:

1.some say that it interrupts a couple’s conjugal  session.2.They may tear if not used properly.3.Are more expensive than the male condoms.

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One can cost between 2-5 dollas




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