EPL is becoming more competitive day in day out. Some of the giant clubs in the league are finding it hard to survive owing to the threat from the betterment of junior clubs.  Clubs such as Brighton are displaying a massive improvement in game tactics and the general performance of the team. This article seeks to concentrate of the EPL teams with the highest number of  passes so far. It should be remembered that passing of the ball dictates the overall dominance of the game. Clubs such as Chelse Fc are known to dominate most games. Let us check their passing abilities. To return to our main website, click on : http://dailyfootballupdates.com

1.Manchester City (4,275 passes)

They deserve to have the highest number of passes in the EPL. The pep led team has got a high pass accuracy and their mode of passing the ball from one player to another is on a high level. The way they pass the ball makes it very difficult for the opponent to have a grasp of the game, thanks to passmasters such as Kevin De Bruyne.


2.Manchester United (3,871 passes)

They are on and off form. However, this does not prevent them from dominanting the game, thanks to a very strrong attacking midfild section led by Bruno Fernandes. The balls are quickely passed through the wing to their target man, Christiano Ronaldo.To receive help with your course work and assignments, click on http://comparisonandcontrastessays.com

3.Liverpool FC( 3,810 passes)

Indeed, you shall not walk alone. Liverpool belives in quick and sure passing of the ball from one player to another.

4.Chelsea Fc (3,654 passes).

The london based club is performing excellently in possesion and general passing of the ball. To read more on their training grounds and equipment, click on : https://dailyfootballupdates.com/chelsea-fc-training-ground/


5.Brighton Fc (3,595 Passes)

The club is slowly rising to be a giant in ball possession and passing. They are fast mastering the art and will soon be very ruthless.


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