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Mancity, Liverpool and 8 other Clubs with Highest Number of Losses in EPL History

The English Premier league, being one of the best leagues in the world is equally very competitive. Upcoming teams are giving the already established teams a hard time in the race for the EPL title. Just as there is a win in a game, there could be also a draw. In Instances where there is a win, a loose must occur on one of the teams. With me here is a detailed analysis dating back to the inception of the EPL, showing clubs that have lost the highest number of games to date. In the list are two major clubs that are currently doing great. Take a look:

1.Everton -414 Losses:

The goodison park based club has had its share of losses. So far, the club leads in the highest number of losses in the EPL so far.

2.Westham United -408 losses

The London side has suffered that number of losses for all the games they have played in the EPL.

3.Aston Villa-388 losses

Villa park and other stadiums have seen Aston Villa loose 388 games in their premier league history.

4.Newcastle United- 388 losses

5.Southampton -371 losses

Despite the losses, Southampton remains one of the best football clubs in England.

6.Tottenham Hotspurs – 369 losses

Hotspurs have been on and off for a record number of times, that explains their many losses.

7.Sunderland- 296 losses.

Sunderland has been relegated numerous times due to their high number of losses.

8.Manchester City -279 losses

Despite being one of the best clubs in the English premier league, there were days when City was just an armature club with so many losses

9.Liverpool -261 losses.

Liverpool has not been left out neither. Their many losses prove that they have come from a far

10.Fulham -254 losses