EPL is one of the most watched league in the entire world. Over the years, the league has managed to outshine previous giants such as La liga and the Italian Seria A. Despite a massive following of Barcelona and Real Madrid, EPL clubs still have their share of the massive followers. This article seeks to evaluate the clubs in EPL that have a major fan base. Take a look.

1.Manchester United Football Club.(77 million Fans)

Despite not winning any premier league trophy in the past eight years, the club has still maintained a major fan base. The club gained alot of followers during the times of Sir Alex Ferguson who raised the club to a world class status. It is interesting to know that manchester United is the most popular team online or even in the physical fanbase.


2.Chelsea Football Club.(49,500,756 fans)

The club was just an amarture one in the EPL. It has risen to glory after Roman Abramovic took over the club in the year 2003. Several world class investments have been made.With the UEFA champions league wins, the club has risen to glory and gathered many fans.

3.Manchester City(40,900,345 fans)EPL

With the take over of the Arab owners, the club will soon become an EPL giant. It has all it takes to be a worldclass club. To read nore on training grounds for competitive teams, click on: Chelsea or Manchester United? Which Club has got the best Training Grounds?

4.Arsenal Football Club (37,789,024 fans)EPL

Arsenal rose to glory during the times of Arsene Wenger. The so called professor of football is indeed a maestro. Despite Arsenal having lost shot of the top five, it still has a massive fan base though they are nowardays very silent. To read more on biographies, click on : http://bigstuffbiography.com

5.Liverpool Fc (36,783,998 fans)

This is by far one of the oldest clubs in the EPL. Its large fan base can attest to this. Liverpool Fc are known to be some of the most loyal. To return to ourmain website, click on: http://dailyfootballupdates.com





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