The English Premier League is one of the oldest and the most renown football leagues in the world. It has grown over time from just being a mere league to the most watched and the most competitive league. Investors and club owners have competed in bring up modern state of art facilities to serve their clubs. Among key amenities are rooms found in various stadiums. In each stadium, there is a specific room for the home team and one for the away team. Our team of experts have taken time to survey some of the best changing rooms in the league. Take a look.

1. Manchester United changing room (Old Trafford)

Embedded in red and white colors, this facility is a stunning beauty. From afar it looks comfortable and very classic. The room has served the club’s first team since the day they moved in into the stadium.


2. Manchester City changing room(Etihad Stadium)EPL

The light blue color speaks it all. It is no doubt one of the best changing rooms in the world. With great lighting, it gives players maximum comfort even before the game. Investors at Manchester City are doing all it takes to convert the Arena to one of the most beautiful places to ever be in.


3. Chelsea changing room(Stamford Bridge)EPL

Indeed, London is blue. Check how the blue color with the Chelsea logo on it speaks volumes of words. With new leadership under owner Tom Bohley, more developments are expected at the London based club.


4. Brighton and Hove Albion changing room

It seems blue is carrying the day. A combination of blue and white colors speaks it all.


5. Liverpool Fc  changing room(Anfield).EPL

You will never walk alone! Even in the changing room, you have to walk with style and class just as the building itself. Liverpool has been a key player in the EPL since time immemorial.


6. Arsenal changing room(Emirates Stadium).EPL

The gunners have a classic changing room. Doesn’t it look magnificent?


7.Tottenham Hotspurs changing room(Tottenham Hotspurs stadium)

With a new stadium comes a lot of modernization even with the changing room.


8.Brighton and Hobe Albion changing room:

The club has been on and off the EPL but nevertheless, they have excelled in putting up the state of art facilities.


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