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Emily Ratajkowski height and the impact to her career

THE Emily Ratajkowski height

Emily Ratajkowski height: In the world of entertainment and modeling, physical attributes often play a significant role in determining one’s success. The fashion and entertainment industry have long held a fascination with models and actresses who possess unique and captivating features. One such feature is height, and Emily Ratajkowski, with her extraordinary beauty and a height that sets her apart, has taken the industry by storm. In this article, we will delve into Emily Ratajkowski’s height and explore how it has impacted her flourishing career.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Height: A Stunning 5’7″

Emily Ratajkowski stands at a statuesque 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). While this height may not be considered exceptionally tall in everyday life, in the world of modeling, it places her above the average. Most runway models typically stand between 5’9″ and 6’0″, but Emily has proven that talent and charisma can outshine any height requirement.

Emily Ratajkowski height

Breaking Stereotypes

Ratajkowski’s height, while not in line with the traditional modeling standards, actually worked to her advantage. Her unique combination of height and natural beauty allowed her to stand out from the crowd. She challenged the industry’s stereotypes by proving that shorter models can make a big impact.

Versatility in the Modeling World

Emily Ratajkowski’s 5’7″ height has granted her an impressive versatility in the modeling world. While she may not dominate the runway, her height has made her a sought-after choice for fashion and beauty campaigns, editorial work, and commercial shoots. Her ability to adapt to a variety of modeling roles has allowed her to be a prominent figure in the industry, contributing significantly to her career’s success.

THE Emily Ratajkowski height

Iconic Career Moments

“Blurred Lines” Music Video:

Emily Ratajkowski’s height played a pivotal role in her breakthrough moment. Her appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video gained worldwide attention and marked the start of her career. Her statuesque figure and undeniable confidence made her an overnight sensation.

Swimsuit and Lingerie Modeling:

Emily’s height has made her a popular choice for swimsuit and lingerie campaigns. Brands recognize the sensuality and allure she brings to the table, and her height accentuates her stunning physique, contributing to the success of such campaigns.

Fashion Editorials:

Ratajkowski’s height allowed her to excel in high-fashion editorials. She has graced the pages of renowned magazines and showcased a range of fashion styles, proving that her height doesn’t limit her ability to adapt to different roles.

FOR Emily Ratajkowski height

Acting Career:

Emily Ratajkowski’s career expanded beyond modeling, and her height has played a part in her acting journey. It has allowed her to stand out on screen, and she has appeared in various films and television series, showcasing her acting talents alongside her stunning appearance.


In conclusion, Emily Ratajkowski’s height, though not conforming to traditional modeling standards, has been a pivotal factor in her successful career. Her 5’7″ stature has allowed her to break stereotypes, excel in various modeling roles, and make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry. Her versatility and unique beauty have solidified her status as a renowned figure in the world of fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Emily Ratajkowski serves as a shining example of how individuality and talent can triumph over conventional expectations in the competitive world of modeling and acting.