Eden Hazard’s wife has been married to the football player for more than a decade now. The two lovebirds are still in a very strong marriage and bringing up their children in the best way possible. Eden Hazard on the other hand is one of the most renown football players in the entire world. He was very famous during his days at Chelsea football club. The forward had made a name for himself at Stamford Bridge London while playing in the EPL. His move to Real Madrid might have brought so much change that he flopped off from his form. That away, this is a special feature looking into the life of the beautiful lady who has stuck by Eden Hazard’s side through thick and thin. Take a look.

Eden Hazard’s Wife: Full Name

Natacha Van Honacker

Eden Hazard’s Wife: Year of Birth and Age

She was born in 1992, making her to be 30 years of age as of 2022.

Eden Hazard's Wife

When Did the Lovebirds Begin a Relationship?

There relationship is regarded as one of the oldest and the strongest in the football world. The two begun dating back in Highschool when Hazard was just 14 years. They have grown together loving each other and so far so good.

Her Hobby:

Natacha loves cooking and reports say that she is an excellent cook.

Eden Hazard's Wife

Where did the two meet first:

The two met and fell in love at a friends party in the neighborhood. It was like love at the first sight.

Eden Hazard’s Wife: Wedding

The two wedded in the year 2012 in a low key ceremony attended by few of Hazard’s colleagues.

Eden Hazard’s Wife: Influence In Hazard’s Career

We can safely report that Hazard’s wife is very Influential in the Career of his husband. She is said to have been involved in the move that Hazard made to Real Madrid.

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