The Raila Odinga family is one of the most prominent countries in the republic of Kenya. It rose to glory during the days of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who was close to power during the days of President Jomo Kenyatta. Currently, Raila Odinga is the most renown member of the family and a co-owner of the East Africa Spectre.

With the prices of electricity and gas rising each day, questions have been asked as to who are the owners of the top-notch gas companies in Kenya. Here is a look at one of the biggest gas related companies and why Raila Odinga is a key character.

Who are East Africa Spectre:

This is s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder manufacturing company based in Industrial area, Nairobi.

Mission of the East Africa Spectre:

To be the premier LPG cylinder Manufacturing and Revalidation company in East Africa.

Expansion of the Plant:

In the year 1988, the plant expanded to a premier facility after entering into a financing contract with Industrial Development Bank Limited.

Board of Directors of the East Africa Spectre:

1.Dr.Oburu Odinga-Chairman

He is an economist by profession and the elder brother to Raila Odinga. He serves as the chairman of the vast business as well as a nominated member of parliament.

2.Rt.Hon. Raila Odinga:-Director

He serves as the director of the company. Raila, in an interview, exposed that he was also the founder of the company as he used his college pocket money and sold one of his vehicles to begin the company.

3.Ida B. Odinga:

The University of Nairobi graduate in 1974 is also the wife to Raila Odinga. She is the company’s managing director.


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