Drew Brees Wife has been very supportive of her husband in her career as an American Football player. Times have passed since Drew was a player at New Orleans saints. He was a superstar during his days and used to play as a quaterback. Drew spent 20 successful seasons at the NFL, building a name for himself and adding value to his team over the years. That aside, this article involves a biography of Drew Brees wife and everything you need to know about her. Take a look.

Full names of Drew Brees Wife:

The beautiful lady married to Drew goes by the name Britanny Brees.

What is her Nickname:

Almost everyone in the world has a nickname or a pet name by which he/she is referred to when close people are addressing him. She is not an exception as many love to call her Brittanny or Brii.

Drew Brees Wife

Drew Brees Wife: Date of Birth and Current Age

Having been born in September 18 1976, Britanny is currently 44 years of age. It is a very ripe age for her as she already has a successive career and a happy marriage with a good family.

Drew Brees Wife: Place of Birth and Nationality:

Britanny was born in Syracuse, Indiana in the United States of America. This makes her to be fully a citizen of the United States of America by birth.

Drew Brees Wife

Religion and Ethnicity:

Religion is one of the key factors you will have to consider before marrying the man or woman of your dreams. Britanny is a devoted Christian just like his husband and she is white by Ethnicity.

Drew Brees Wife: Education Background:

Britanny is a graduate from the Purdue University with a higher degree.

Where did the two Lovebirds Meet?

The two studied in the same University, that is in Purdue University. They met at a college party, exchanged contacts and the rest is history.


The two tied the knots of their marriage on 8th of February in 2003, even before Drew signed for New Orleans. The couple is blessed with four Children.



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