Donny Van de Beek has been the man of the hour on several occasions. His speed and accuracy on the football pitch have earned him a favorite spot in the Manchester United squad. Probably you need to know a thing or two about one of your favorite footballers. This biography is recommended for you. Take a look. To read more on local news, click on

Full name:

Donny Van de Beek

Date of Birth:

Donny is a young footballer who was born on the 18th of April in 1997. He was born in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Donny Van de Beek

Clubs Donny Van de Beek Plays for:

He is a footballer who plays at Manchester United Football Club as well as the Netherlands national team.

Former Football Clubs Van de Beek has played for:

He is a former boy of Jong Ajax football club, Ajax football club, and is currently at Manchester United Football Club.

Donny Van de Beek

Van de Beek Honours:

In the 2014/2015 season, he was named the Ajax Talent of the future. That is the only individual award he holds. He has won several titles with Ajax Fc as well as being a runner-up in the 2020/2021 Europa league with Manchester United. To read more on Hakim Ziyech and why he is not dating, click on Who is Hakim Ziyech’s Girlfriend and Why he is not Dating Currently

Van de Beek Girlfriend.

Beek is a performer both in and out of the pitch. He is currently dating Estelle Bergkamp who is an entrepreneur. She is the daughter of former Arsenal Legend Dennis. To return to our main website, click on



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