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Honestly speaking, I have been receiving several questions from ladies on what they should do to improve the size of their behinds. It is true the fact that food can help you to attain a bigger and better booty just as you want it to be. Other than eating foods, there are several other proven ways of getting a bigger nyash. They include practice in climbing of stairs, squatting exercises accompanied by heavy weight lifting as well as grabbing yourself a more comfortable sit.

Foods to eat to get a bigger booty:

1. Salmon;

This type of food has been proven by scientists to contain large portions of proteins. Salmon is a type of fatty fish that is loaded with large portions of omega three fatty acids. This type of fat expedites your muscle recovery and growth. Try the fish today.

big nyash

2. Eggs:

No lady should miss a tray of eggs in their house. For a long time, eggs have been known to be highly nutritious, providing plenty of vitamins and phosphorous to humans. Each egg has been found to contain amino acids that stimulate muscle synthesis and thus enhance your bum size on the booty.

3. Flaxseed:

Apart from being a great source of Omega three, flaxseed is known to be a great way to boost your protein intake in the body. Take a few days to boost your booty.

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4. Legumes:

Peans, beans, and peanuts form the great family of legumes that are known to be highly proteinous, giving your body a great boost.


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