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Download YouTube Videos: Are you tired of buffering issues while streaming YouTube videos or looking to enjoy your favorite content offline? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the 21 best apps and websites that allow you to download YouTube videos hassle-free. Each of these tools offers unique features and advantages to enhance your video downloading experience.

    • Link:
    • is a user-friendly website that provides quick and simple YouTube video downloads in various formats.
  2. 4K Video Downloader
    • Link: 4K Video Downloader
    • Known for its high-quality downloads and support for playlists, 4K Video Downloader is a top choice.
  3. OnlineVideoConverter
    • Link: OnlineVideoConverter
    • This versatile online tool offers various video formats and even allows you to edit video settings.
    • Link:
    • provides a web extension and an online tool for easy YouTube video downloads.
  5. Y2Mate
    • Link: Y2Mate
    • Y2Mate is renowned for its speed and simplicity, offering fast YouTube video downloads.
  6. ClipGrab
    • Link: ClipGrab
    • ClipGrab efficiently downloads videos from YouTube and various other video-sharing platforms.
    • download youtube videos
  7. Freemake Video Downloader
  8. aTube Catcher
    • Link: aTube Catcher
    • aTube Catcher not only downloads YouTube videos but also offers video conversion and screen recording.
  9. YTD Video Downloader
    • Link: YTD Video Downloader
    • YTD Video Downloader is known for its reliability and batch processing capabilities.
    • Link:
    • In addition to audio downloads, offers various download options and previews.
  11. VidPaw
    • Link: VidPaw
    • VidPaw is a versatile online tool that supports video downloads from YouTube and other platforms.
  12. TubeMate
    • Link: TubeMate
    • TubeMate is an Android app that allows you to download YouTube videos directly to your device.
  13. BitDownloader
    • Link: BitDownloader
    • BitDownloader efficiently supports video downloads from multiple sources, including YouTube.
    • Link:
    • offers various video and audio formats for efficient YouTube video downloads.
    • Link:
    • provides a straightforward interface for converting YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 formats.
    • Link:
    • This converter is quick, easy to use, and provides high-quality audio downloads, making it a reliable choice.
  17. Snaptube
    • Link: Snaptube
    • Snaptube is an Android app that not only downloads YouTube videos but also offers access to other entertainment platforms.
  18. TubeNinja
    • Link: TubeNinja
    • TubeNinja efficiently extracts videos from various websites, including YouTube and Facebook.
  19. iTubeGo
    • Link: iTubeGo
    • With its user-friendly desktop app, iTubeGo offers efficient YouTube video-to-MP3 conversion.
    • Link:
    • provides high-quality video formats and a straightforward interface for efficient audio extraction.
  21. VidMate
    • Link: VidMate
    • VidMate is an Android app that not only downloads YouTube videos but also provides access to other entertainment platforms.

These 21 apps and websites cater to various preferences and requirements, ensuring that you can effortlessly download YouTube videos with ease. Whether you need speed, versatility, or customization, these tools have you covered, enhancing your video downloading experience.


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