8 Signs That a Lady Has a Crush on You

8 Signs That a Lady has a Crush on You: To be loved is a good feeling, to find someone who reciprocates the love you feel for them is even more heavenly. On our relationship section today, we focus on the unique signs that prove a lady has a crush on you. If a lady has a crush on you or loves you, she will display the following signs when you are having a conversation with her. It should be remembered that most ladies will not publicly confess their undying love for you but instead will wait for you to make the first move. See the following Signs:

1. Shooting short glances your way. If she likes you, she will look at you without you noticing. Ladies love admiring men from a far, especially good looking men. It is true that they will tend to stare at you, especially when you are not aware.

8 Signs That a Lady Has a Crush on You

2. Darting her eyes away when you look at her. If you notice her looking at you, she will quickly shift her eyes and assume she was not facing your direction. A lady who has zero feelings for you will stare at you when you bump into each other. She will have no need of looking aside unless she was also secretly admiring you from a far.

3. Running her fingers through her hair. If a lady has a crush on you, she will play around with her hair when you are having a conversation with her. A lady who has feelings for you will be busy moving her hands through her hair as you speak to her. Its kind of a thing for them.

4. Tilting her head towards you. You might not notice but she will slightly lean her head towards you.

8 Signs That a Lady Has a Crush on You

5. Laughing when you talk. When a lady is in love with you, she will easily laugh even at your most lame jokes. There is no one who is more likely to laugh at your lame jokes than a lady who is madly in love with you or has a crush on you.

6. Caressing an object in her hands. Anything that is within her reach, she will grab it and begin playing or tossing it. If  you are in a restaurant, she will tend to play with the nearest things such as the salt shaker and the Tomato dispenser. As a man, be keen to watch for these kind of indicators.

7. Lightly touching you on the arm or shoulder. She will easily place her hand on your arm or tap you through the conversation. This occasionally happens when you two are walking together in a park or so.

8.Licking her lips. There is a way that lady licks her lips and will be a sure prove that the ”gaidi” is madly falling for you.




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