Claudio Ranieri’s Wife is one of the most outstanding ladies as both the wife to a renowned football manager as well as in her own career. Claudio Ranieri is an Italian football manager who is the current manager of Watford football club that plays in the English Premier League. His great experience in a wide array of leagues has made him very valuable. That aside, this article is about the biography and everything you need to know about his wife. Here are the untold facts:

Full name:

Rosanna Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri’s Wife: Age

The career woman is approximated to be between the age of 65 and 70 years, enjoying a spanning beautiful life achievement with a happy family. Her husband on the other side is 70 years of age, having been born on October 20th in 1951

Claudio Ranieri’s Wife Occupation:

She is a nephrologist by profession, a career that diagnoses, manages, and treats acute cases of kidney diseases. This makes her a specialized medical practitioner. She currently practices in the United States of America.

Claudio Ranieri's Wife

Claudio Ranieri’s Wife Former Marriage: Untold Facts

Earlier on, Rosanna was married to an Italian actor by the name Alessandro Roja. Together, they now have a grandson by the name of Orlando. However, they later separated and she married Claudio in a colorful wedding. To read on local African news, click on

Claudio Ranieri’s Wife accidentally appearing on sky sports interview:

When her husband was having a live interview with sky sports, his wife accidentally appeared in the interview after the camera shifted into her direction. The sky sports presenters could not help but laugh at the hilarious situation. To learn more of Patrick Vieira’s wife, click on Patrick Vieira’s Wife: Cheryl Plaza Biography, Occupation and Her Nationality

Claudio Ranieri's Wife

Claudio Ranieri’s Wife: Support to her Husband’s career

Even after choosing a very different occupation from her husband, Rosanna has remained very supportive of her husband through thick and thin, even when things seemed not to work out and through numerous sacking incidences. To return to the main website, click on


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