Christiano Ronaldo is one of the most renowned footballers in world history. There is no doubt that Ronaldo and Messi will go down in the books of history as the two best footballers of our times. Even at his age, he still has git the terrifying speed and skills, enough to give the premier league defenders sleepless nights. This weekend, the football Guru will feature in his first Manchester United game since his exit. Having played soccer for many years, Ronaldo has amassed a lot of wealth. Today, we shall narrow the article down to 7 of his most expensive properties. Take a look.

1. A private Jet:

It is not a surprise for Christiano Ronaldo to own a jet since it is a common trend among rich footballers. Ronaldo owns a Gulfstream G650 jet that is reportedly said to be worth $ 71 million. That’s quite an expensive investment.

2. An Apartment in New York City, USA.

Probably NYC is the most expensive city in the world in terms of upkeep, rent, and expenditure. Considering its economic position in the United States, people who own apartments in the area are mostly billionaires. Ronaldo is said to own an apartment in the famous Trump Tower right in the CBD of new york city.

3. A custom-made watch.

When it comes to fashion and class, Ronaldo is bliss. He owns a customized watch from the famous Jacob and company limited. The watch is said to be worth $1.85 million.

4. Bugatti Centodieci.

Ronaldo’s collection of vehicles is unmatchable. The guy has literally driven in all his dream cars. He owns the hypercar that is valued at 8.5 million Euros.

5. Christiano Ronaldo (CR 7 Hotel).

Christiano has a chain of hotels amusing into over 400 million Euros spread across the world.

6. Christiano Ronaldo Private mansion in Madeira( Portugal)

The wonder mansion is one of the most expensive of its kind in the entire world.

7. Christiano Ronaldo Fleet of  Luxury cars.

Christiano Ronaldo owns a fleet of cars that includes Bugatti’s and Ferraris worth over $24 million.



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