Christiano Ronaldo International Airport is one of the best in the world. Christiano has been hailed out as one of the most successful footballers in the world of football, with plenty of experience in the English premier League, the La Liga, and just recently in the Italian Seria A. It is no doubt that when great footballers of the world are mentioned, his name must be somewhere at the top. For this reason, the authority in Portugal decided to name one airport after the Iconic Christiano Ronaldo.


Christiano Ronaldo airport, Madeira is a civilian International airport located in Santa Cruz in Portugal. It’s worth noting that the Iconic Christiano Ronaldo hails from Portugal and to be specific, Madeira.

Christiano Ronaldo International Airport Brief History:

The airport was first opened in 1964. It begun with a run way just 1600 metres long before expanding to a whooping 2781 metres long .

Change of names:

The airport was officially named Madeira International Airport Christiano Ronaldo in 2016 and was officially  unveiled in march the following year.

Other names:

The airport is also known as:

Funchal airport

Saint Catherine Airport

Madeira Airport.

Importance of the airport

Madeira is an important tourist destination hence the airport serves as an entrance for thousands of visitors flocking in from the European metropolitan. The airport is also crucial for the movement of goods and cargo in and out of Madeira.

Ranking of the airport.

Christiano Ronaldo airport is the fourth busiest airport in Portugal.

Busiest Routes from the airport:

The airport is home to dozens of international airlines with most of them being Portugal based airlines. The busiest routes from the airport include Lisbon route, Porto route, Frankfurt Germany, London route and the route to Manchester.



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