A number of local traders in Kenya have been asking me on tips of how to import products from developed countries to developing countries. Kenya is one of the biggest importer of products from China. The products range from cosmetics to manufacturing to medicine and more than you could think. As a small business person, I have good news for you. It is now possible to import products from China to Kenya directly. Here are some of the key steps on how to import products from china to Kenya.

1. Identify the product you want to import:

You must settle on specific products you wanna ship into the country.

2.Make sure you have a working KRA pin that is up to date.

3.Find a good supplier of Items from China:

There are a number of suppliers from china that are known for excellent deliveries and quality products. One of the easiest ways to import products from China to Kenya is through Alibaba.com

4.Identify the port of Landing:

Unlike our country Kenya that has only one export port of Mombasa, china has a wide range of ports that include: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shangai, Ningbo, Dalian and many more.

5. You must identify your courier company that will ferry your products from China to Kenya.

6.Clear Your goods at the Kenyan ports:

Whether you have imported by ship or air, you must clear with the kRA and other government regulations placed at all ports of entry into Kenya. After that, you are free to open your luggage.


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