Chelsea and Manchester United Football Clubs are among the biggest and the richest in the English premier league. Over the years, the clubs have amased vast wealth such as to build multi-billion worth stadiums and training grounds. Investors have also been of help in raising the standards of the training facilities. It should be remembered that clubs train on a daily basis in order to perfect their skills. This article specifically seeks to compare two outstanding training facilities in the world, the AON training complex and the Cobham training complex. Take a look.

AON TRAINING COMPLEX(Carrington, Manchester)

This is the official training facility for all Manchester United teams including the development ones and the under twenty ones. It was built between the year 1999 and 2001. It is located near the Village of Carrington in Manchester. It has the following facilities:

1.The main building for the first team.

2.An academy for the manchester United Youths

3.A medical centre. It is valued at 25m Euros.

4. A sports science department.

5.A basket ball and squash courts

6.A 25 m swimming pool.

7.18 dressing rooms.

8. Indoor pictches

9.14 outdoor pitches and one with the same standard ad the pitch on old trafford.



The Chelsea training ground is also up to standard just as the football club. Roman Abramovic does not tire to improve the status of the club. Check the following key amenities at the facility:

1. 30 standard football pitches with 6 of them being kept to the standards of the English premier league pitches.

2.Indoor pitch

3. A 56 feet hydrotherapy pool.


The facility also has similar ones as those mentioned at Aon without including common amenities such as toilets and gyms that are compulsory for such teams. Chelsea’s ground covers over 140 acres of land.

It is know upon you my very able readers to decide which among the two is the best for you. Thanks for reading.

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