Education is said to be the Key to success. However, we must all admit that education is becoming way too expensive especially on the hiked amount of fees and other charges imposed on students by the members of the University governing council. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a place where you can pursue your degree or diploma at a cheap fee. You are in the right place and I shall guide you through some of the cheapest Universities in Kenya in both the public and private sector.

1.Mount Kenya University”:

This prestigious university located in Thika and has branches spread across the entire of East Africa has been ranked as the cheapest in Kenya. Despite being a private institution, its fees are comrade friendly and affordable for all. Also, there are different lenient payment methods that needy students can explore.

2.Maseno University:

So far, Maseno University has been praised for not raising school fees of their students for quite some years now. It is ranked as the Cheapest public university in Kenya. Similarly, life at the lake city of Kenya is cheap and affordable for students. Explore the opportunities that the varsity has to offer.

3.Masinde Muliro University.

Located in Kakamega Kenya, the varsity is fast growing as an education hub and a center of excellence. Fee hiking is a thing of the past as the university management has taken into consideration the needs of the students who are struggling to raise their fees.

4.Kenyatta University:

Despite being located in Nairobi environs where the cost of living is high, fee in this  varsity still remains one of the lowest in the region. There is also a high guarantee that your child will receive education of the highest quality.

5.Technical University of Kenya:

The varsity that is located right at the heart of Nairobi city boasts of affordable tuition fees of all its students from Kenya and the larger East African community.

6.Zetech University:

It is the second cheapest private University in Kenya where you can enroll to study all your preferred degree, diploma or even higher undertakings.


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