CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend is one of the renown personalities in the United States of America. She goes by the name Crymsone Rose and is a stunning beauty just like her name. For those who are not familiar with CeeDee, he is a popular American football player who plays as a star wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. Here is the biography of his girlfriend.

CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend: Name, Year and Date of Birth:

Her full name is Crymson Rose. She ia a 22 year old born in Florida in the year 1999.

CeeDee Lamb's Girlfriend

CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend: Where they met.

The two lovebirds met at the University of Oklahoma where they studied. After knowing each other for quite a while, they fell in love and the rest is history.

When did the Two Begin Dating?

It is rumored that the two begun an intimate relationship back in the year 2019. Their relationship has now lasted for more than two years and still counting.

CeeDee Lamb's Girlfriend

CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend: When did she come out into the public limelight?

CeeDee was already famous and known to many. However, the lady still remained unknown to many. She rose to the public limelight when she was spotted snatching ceedee’s phone and having him return it to her during a genuine NFL game.

CeeDee Lamb's Girlfriend

Crymson Rose: Twitter Handles.

Via Twitter, she is famously known under the name Crymson Rose.



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