In a fast growing economy like the Kenyan one, having a private car is almost becoming a basic need. Over the recent past, we have witnessed the number of vehicles in our roads increase, on a daily basis. Car importers and manufacturing companies continue to make profit on a daily basis. On the negative side of the story, the increase in cars has led to more traffic jams and more accidents as everyone is on the rush. Thus, there has arisen a need to insure your car against accidents and other losses. Here are the best car insurance companies in the country:

1.CIC Insurance Limited:

This company has over the recent past excelled in delivery of their timely services as well as offering customers better offers for the car insurance. Try them today and enjoy some of the best services.

2.Jubilee Car Insurance:

If you need a company that specializes in car Insurance to be precise, then this is the way to go as it is one of the best ever. It offers comprehensive and all times of insurances for both private and commercial vehicles.

3.APA Car Insurance:

Having merged two great companies(Apollo Insurance and Pan-African Group), APA is highly ranked as one of the best companies in the Insurance Industry. It deals with all the general Insurance risks in vehicle.

4.Britam Insurance Kenya:

In addition to other services, Britam Insurance covers for stolen and damaged vehicles as well as the third parties. The company also provides emergency medical cover for victims involved in an accident with the covered vehicle.

5.UAP motor Private Insurance:

It is one of the oldest in the country. Additionally, it offers a 24 hour road rescue and emergency services for its clients.

6.AMACO Insurance:

It has third party cover as well as comprehensive cover for its clients.

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