With the cancer disease continuing to ravage Kenyan families, the disease is becoming a life threatening one for both the young, the middle age and the old. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease is quite expensive and requires state of art equipment as well as specialized healthcare. For some years, Kenyans were known to travel to the outside countries, especially India for treatment. The Uhuru led government has stabilized the heath care sector and now we have cancer facilities in our own country. Here is a list of the best Cancer Hospitals in Kenya 2022.

1.The Kenyatta University teaching, referral and research hospital:

The 650 bed capacity hospital is one of the largest referral hospital in the country. It has got the latest state of art facilities and equipment. It also has some of the best doctors in the country specialized in cancer treatment.

Best Cancer Hospitals in Kenya 2022

2.The HCG CCK Cancer Centre:

The center is one of the best in East and Central Africa. It has a team of multi-disciplinary team of oncologists and has the highest quality of cancer treatment in the region.

3.The Texas Cancer Centre( Kenya)

If you need a holistic treatment of cancer, this is one of the best places in Kenya. It offers services such as Linear accelerator radiotherapy, palliative care, cancer screening as well as chemotherapy.

4.The Kenyatta National Hospital:

It is the biggest public hospital in the country as well as the largest referral hospital in Kenya. It offers all range of cancer related services.

Best Cancer Hospitals in Kenya 2022

5.The Aga Khan University Hospital:

This hospital offers a wide array of cancer screening services as well as specialized diagnosis. Visit them today.

6.International Cancer Institute:

Located in Nandi Road, Eldoret, the hospital has specialty in treatment of a wide range of cancer treatment and allied diseases.

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