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Canadian Actor Ryan Gosling: 8 Funniest Moments

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling: Ryan Gosling. The name alone conjures up images of smoldering intensity, brooding gazes, and romantic serenades in the rain. But beneath that swoon-worthy exterior lies a hidden gem: a hilarious goofball with a knack for making us laugh. Sure, he can make our hearts melt in movies like “The Notebook” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” but Gosling’s comedic timing is equally impressive. Whether it’s his deadpan delivery, infectious laughter, or willingness to poke fun at himself, Gosling has proven he’s just as comfortable cracking us up as he is making us swoon.

Ryan Gosling

1. The “Hey Girl” Meme That Launched a Thousand Parodies

In 2011, a scene from “Crazy, Stupid, Love” featuring Gosling’s charmingly awkward approach to a woman on the street became an instant internet sensation. The “Hey Girl” meme was born, with Gosling’s smooth yet goofy lines being endlessly parodied and remixed. From cats saying “Hey Girl” to politicians giving their own awkward takes, the meme cemented Gosling’s place as a pop culture icon with a hilarious side.

 Ryan Gosling: The "Hey Girl" Meme That Launched a Thousand Parodies

2. His Chaotic Cooking Demo with Ellen DeGeneres

Gosling’s willingness to get down and dirty in the name of comedy is on full display in his appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” One particularly memorable moment is his cooking demo, where he attempts to make scrambled eggs while blindfolded and hilariously fails. From accidentally cracking eggs on his head to using a spatula like a microphone, Gosling proves that even the simplest tasks can be turned into comedic gold.

3. His Uncontrollable Laughter with Harrison Ford

Gosling’s infectious laughter is another one of his comedic weapons. During a joint interview with Harrison Ford on “The Graham Norton Show,” the two actors had the audience in stitches with their uncontrollable giggling fit. It all started with a seemingly innocent question about Ford’s dog, but it quickly devolved into a contagious display of laughter that was impossible not to get swept up in.

4. His Hilarious British Snack Adventure

While promoting “Drive” in the UK, Gosling gamely participated in a segment where he tried various British snacks for the first time. From Marmite to pickled onions, Gosling’s reactions were priceless, ranging from utter disgust to cautious appreciation. His honest (and sometimes bewildered) expressions made for a side of Gosling we rarely see, and proved that he’s not afraid to laugh at himself.

5. His “Ken-tastic” Performance in Barbie

Taking on the role of Ken in the live-action “Barbie” movie was a bold move for Gosling, but he embraced the absurdity with hilarious results. His deadpan delivery of Ken’s lines, his perfectly sculpted physique, and his willingness to play the butt of the joke made him the perfect foil for Margot Robbie’s Barbie. The film is full of laugh-out-loud moments, showcasing Gosling’s comedic talents in a whole new light.

Ryan Gosling: His "Ken-tastic" Performance in Barbie

6. His Embarrassing Dancing Days on “Saturday Night Live”

Gosling has no problem poking fun at his own past, as evidenced by his appearance on “Saturday Night Live” where he hosted a fake documentary about his “embarrassing dancing days” as a teenager. From awkward disco moves to questionable hip-hop routines, Gosling throws himself into the bit with full commitment, making us laugh at both his youthful dancing faux pas and his willingness to own them.

7. His Bromance with Ryan Reynolds

The rivalry/friendship between Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds is an endless source of comedic entertainment. From their playful jabs on social media to their hilarious interviews, the two Ryans have a chemistry that’s both hilarious and heartwarming. Whether they’re roasting each other’s acting choices or reminiscing about their embarrassing early careers, their bromance never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

8. His Unexpectedly Hilarious Serious Roles

Even in his more serious roles, Gosling can’t help but inject a touch of humor. Take his Oscar-nominated performance in “Half Nelson,” where he plays a troubled drug dealer who forms an unlikely bond with a young student.