Cam Newtons Wife is one of the most famous ladies in the United States of America, especially the fact that she is associated with one of the most accomplished NFL players in the league. There is no doubt to the fact that American football is fast growing and attracting millions of fans from across the world. In this exclusive article, we shall be handling a lady who is married to one of the best quarterbacks in the world. Here are her details and enjoy. Cam Newton has a total of over 7 children with different baby mamas and in this article, we shall explain everything. To return to our main website, click on

Cam Newton’s Girlfriend: Dancer Kia Proctor

It is true that in 2013, Cam was in a romantic relationship with one, Kia Proctor. They begun dating in 2013 and first appeared to the general public in a Kentucky Derby. She is the mother to Cam’s first child Sebastian Newton. The two have three children together, two sons and one daughter. Sadly, they parted ways in January 2020 after Cam was accused of cheating with an Instagram model known as Reina Shaw.

Cam Newton's Girlfriend

Biography of Kia Proctor:

She was born on 16th of October in 1988 in Virginia, United States of America. She has a child from her previous relationship that Cam has acknowledged publicly as her own daughter. The 13 year old is known as Shakira.

Cam Newton's Girlfriend

Cam Newton’s Girlfriend: Reina Shaw

Reina first came to the public limelight in the year 2019 when she was reportedly to be involved in a romantic relationship with Cam Newton. Reina is a beautiful Instagram model who is admired by many for her exclusive looks and a nice taste of fashion. They have a child together.

Cam Newton's Girlfriend

Biography of Reina Shaw:

She is from Baku, Azerbaijan and she moved to Germany at a tender age of five. She is a former student at the University of Maryland as well as the University of Nevada. While at the Institutions, she studied design and communication.


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