Bruno Fernandes wife is  indeed beautiful. Her husband has been described by many as the engine of manchester United. Through his passes and screamer shots, he has led the club to successive wins, several draws, and only a few losses here and there. Bruno seems to be performing excellently on and off the pitch. Photos of his sassy wife and a happy family can attest to this. In this article, we dig deep into the biography of his wife. Take a look:

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Full name:

Ana Pinho

Date and Year of Birth:

Ana Pinho was born on April 18th, 1994. Just like many members of the white race, she looks even younger than her age and beautiful as well.

Place of Birth:

Just like her husband, Ana is Portuguese, having been born in Boavista in Portugal.

Where did the couple meet?

Bruno and Ana met while schooling together in Boavista.

Bruno Fernandes wife

Age difference with his Husband

Many whites are not concerned with the fact that the husband is younger than the wife. It is said that age is just but a number and thus a minimal determinant in a relationship.

Bruno Fernandes wife Career and Occupation:

She is a house wife who concentrates on raising her children and supporting her husband through his career. Thanks for reading.

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