The highly anticipated match that would see Brazil face Argentina has been postponed in what seemed to be a thrilling wonder where police arrested some players. It is indeed an awake of interesting times. The match has been abandoned due to the failure of some players to obey the Covid 19 rules. Here is what transpired.

Four Argentine-based players have been arrested for failure to adhere to the public health regulations set aside by the Brazill government. The police demanded that the four players should return to the dressing room. Speaking about the issue, the AFA president Mr. Claudio Tapia expressed his anger in what seemed like an interruption that bares no ground since all football matches operate under the health legislation.

The match was a world cup qualifier one but has been since postponed and the referee is set to table his report to the Fifa committee which will, in turn, decide on the necessary disciplinary action. The Argentina head coach has come out to condemn the arrest of the players, claiming that it was not worth . The Argentine players landed in Sau Paulo Brazil three days earlier yet the police had to wait for today to arrest the players?

World star Lionel Messi has also come out to condemn the action by the Brazilian government insisting that the arrest should have come earlier. However, the Brazil side insisted that they tried to communicate to the Argentine team who ignored the call for negotiation and instead locked themselves in the changing rooms awaiting the match to begin. Interesting times!

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