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Bradley Airport: 17 facts to know before flying

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Bradley Airport: When planning your next air travel adventure, it’s essential to be well-informed about the airport you’ll be departing from or arriving at. Bradley International Airport, located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, is a popular choice for travelers in the New England region. To ensure a smooth and stress-free journey, here are 17 facts you should know about Bradley Airport.

1. Named After a WWII Pilot

Bradley Airport is named after Lieutenant Eugene M. Bradley, a local hero and World War II pilot who tragically lost his life in a training accident. The airport’s name serves as a tribute to his sacrifice.

Bradley Airport

2. Convenient Location

Situated between Hartford and Springfield, Bradley Airport is strategically located to serve travelers from both Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

3. Major Airlines

The airport is a hub for several major airlines, including American, Delta, Southwest, and JetBlue. This ensures a wide range of flight options for passengers.

4. International Flights

Bradley Airport offers direct international flights to destinations in Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. It’s a gateway to global travel from the New England area.

5. Transportation Options

You can easily reach the airport via car, taxi, shuttle, or even Amtrak. Bradley’s accessibility is a significant advantage for travelers.

6. Rental Cars

If you need a rental car, Bradley Airport has several rental car agencies conveniently located at the airport, making it simple to get on the road upon arrival.

7. Terminal A and B

The airport has two terminals, A and B. Terminal A primarily serves international flights, while Terminal B is used for domestic travel. Be sure to know which terminal your flight departs from.

8. Renovations and Improvements

In recent years, Bradley Airport has undergone significant renovations and improvements, enhancing the passenger experience with modern facilities and amenities.

9. Parking Options

Bradley Airport provides various parking options, including short-term, long-term, and economy parking. Plan ahead to choose the best parking option for your needs and budget.

10. Dining and Shopping

Enjoy a range of dining and shopping options at Bradley Airport. From quick bites to sit-down restaurants, and souvenirs to travel essentials, you’ll find it all.

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11. TSA PreCheck

It offers TSA PreCheck lanes, which can expedite your security screening process. Consider enrolling in the program for quicker security checks.

12. Wi-Fi Access

Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the airport. This is particularly handy if you need to catch up on work or stay in touch with loved ones.

13. Family-Friendly Amenities

Traveling with kids? Bradley Airport has family-friendly amenities, including nursing rooms and children’s play areas, to make your journey more comfortable.

14. Pet-Friendly

If you’re traveling with pets, you’ll be pleased to know that Bradley Airport is pet-friendly. There are designated areas for your furry friends to stretch their legs.

15. Information Centers

The airport has information centers with friendly staff who can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during your visit.

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16. Ground Transportation

Various ground transportation options are available to get you to and from the airport, including taxis, ride-sharing services, and shuttles.

17. Flight Updates

Stay informed about your flight’s status by using Bradley Airport’s website or mobile app, or by checking with your airline. This will help you avoid any surprises on the day of your travel.

By being aware of these 17 key facts about Bradley Airport, you can better prepare for your upcoming journey. Whether you’re a local or an out-of-town visitor, Bradley Airport’s facilities and services are designed to make your travel experience as seamless as possible. Safe travels!