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Bosch Legacy cast: 12 Interesting facts you should know

Bosch Legacy

Bosch Legacy: Bosch Legacy, the spin-off of the highly acclaimed Amazon series Bosch, premiered in 2022 and quickly captured the hearts of fans. The show follows Harry Bosch as he navigates his retired life while his daughter Maddie embarks on her own detective journey. The cast of Bosch Legacy is filled with talented actors who bring their characters to life with depth and nuance. Here are 13 interesting facts you should know about the cast of Bosch Legacy:

Bosch Legacy

1. Titus Welliver Reprises His Iconic Role as Harry Bosch

No Bosch Legacy article would be complete without mentioning Titus Welliver. He masterfully reprises his role as the gruff yet dedicated detective Harry Bosch. Welliver’s portrayal of Bosch is one of the reasons why the original series was so successful, and he brings the same intensity and complexity to the spin-off.

2. Madison Lintz Takes on the Role of Maddie Bosch

Madison Lintz portrays Maddie Bosch, Harry’s headstrong and determined daughter. Lintz, who is best known for her role as Sophia Peletier in The Walking Dead, delivers a powerful performance as Maddie navigates the challenges of being a rookie cop while living in her father’s shadow.

3. Mimi Kennedy Returns as Honey Chandler

Mimi Kennedy is back as the ever-reliable Honey Chandler, Bosch’s trusted partner and confidante. Kennedy brings warmth and humor to the role, and her chemistry with Welliver is one of the highlights of the show.

Bosch Legacy film

4. Eric Allen Kramer Joins the Cast as Detective Crate

Eric Allen Kramer, best known for his role as Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration in The Office, joins the cast as Detective Crate. Crate is a seasoned detective who clashes with Bosch’s methods, but there is a grudging respect between the two men.

5. Denise Richards Plays Honey’s Girlfriend, Detective Donna Ballinger

Denise Richards takes on the role of Detective Donna Ballinger, Honey’s girlfriend and a fellow detective. Richards brings a strong presence to the role, and her character adds a new layer of complexity to Honey’s life.

6. William Devane Reteams with Titus Welliver as Defense Attorney Honey Landsdown

William Devane, who played Assistant Chief Irving on Bosch, reunites with Welliver in Bosch Legacy as Honey Landsdown, a brilliant and ruthless defense attorney. Devane’s portrayal of Landsdown is captivating, and his scenes with Welliver are always electric.

7. Jason George Plays Detective Lewis, Maddie’s Training Officer

Jason George, known for his roles in Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, plays Detective Lewis, Maddie’s training officer. Lewis is a patient and supportive mentor who helps Maddie find her footing in the LAPD.

8. Phil Morris Plays Assistant Deputy Chief Collins

Phil Morris, best known for his voice acting work in Star Wars Rebels and Futurama, takes on the role of Assistant Deputy Chief Collins. Collins is a no-nonsense leader who keeps a close eye on Bosch and Maddie.

9. Catherine Dent Plays Detective Davis

Catherine Dent, who starred in The Shield and Mad Men, plays Detective Davis, a smart and dedicated officer who works alongside Maddie. Davis is a valuable asset to the team, and her friendship with Maddie is one of the show’s heartwarming elements.

10. Lance Reddick Plays Deputy Chief Irvin Irving

Lance Reddick, best known for his roles in The Wire and John Wick, plays Deputy Chief Irvin Irving. Irving is Bosch’s former boss, and there is still some tension between the two men. However, Irving also respects Bosch’s skills and abilities.

Bosch Legacy season 2

11. Ross Partridge Plays Assistant District Attorney Manny Lopez

Ross Partridge, who appeared in Bosch as defense attorney Franklin Titus, returns as Assistant District Attorney Manny Lopez. Lopez is a formidable opponent in the courtroom, and his clashes with Bosch are always entertaining.

12. DaJuan Johnson Plays Detective Edwards

DaJuan Johnson, who starred in Straight Outta Compton, plays Detective Edwards, a member of the homicide unit. Edwards is a reliable and experienced officer who helps Bosch and Maddie with their cases.