Relieve as Dp Ruto Comes Out to Defend Boda-boda Operators

Relieve as DP Ruto Comes Out to Defend Boda-boda Operators: It is not the first time that Boda Boda riders are facing tough and challenging times in Kenya. Even before the recent incidence that shock the entire nation, Boda Boda riders were still under attack from other industries. Some of the attacks have been attributed to  how people think that the Boda Boda Operators behave.

Relieve as Dp Ruto Comes Out to Defend Boda-boda Operators

Many of the operators have been said to be drunkard and not sober when riding the Boda Boda. A good number of them have been linked to crimes around the country with the recent one being molesting and sexually assaulting an innocent lady who was involved in an accident with one Boda Boda guy.

Relieve as Dp Ruto Comes Out to Defend Boda-boda Operators

We all agree to the fact that the industry has got criminals who need to be tamed by the government. All of us have forgotten that not all Boda-Boda guys are bad as they are being portrayed. A good number of them are faithful, hardworking and sincere in their hustle.

Quite some days ago, William Ruto, the current deputy president of the republic of Kenya came out strongly to condemn the act of punishing the entire Boda Boda industry just because of a mistake of one or two individuals. In his speech, he was quoted saying that just because some individuals have decided to be evil, that doesn’t make the entire industry to be evil. Here is the video. The video might be dated several weeks ago but is very relevant to the current issue.

This comes in the awake of a thorough government crackdown on all Boda Boda riders. The government has insisted that they all have to be registered afresh and be members of saccos across the nation. Further, each Boda Boda rider must have a valid license as well as adhere to all the rules governing road safety. Boda boda riders have been spotted with messages indicating ”We are sorry” on their backs. Do you think that the government measures will bring sanity to the Boda Boda Industry? Chat with us today.

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