Having a little chat with University students will have you left wondering that some have been in school for over 10 years yet pursuing a four year degree. Timely completion of studies is something that everyone wants. It is  your right to finish school early enough so that you can go out and seek job employments or start hustling.

Part of the reasons students delay in the university includes missing marks, incomplete studies, failed exam and delays from the University management. Twisting the coin to the better side, I have analyzed some of the best universities in Kenya where students graduate in time and there are few cases of missing marks. Here is the list:

1.Dedan Kimathi University:

This University located in Nyeri is the best in terms of timely completion of studies. It is a fact that those who join a four year course in the University end up completing it within two and half years, guaranteeing you faster completion of studies. This has been enabled by their mandatory trisemester program. It is one of the best.

2.The University of Nairobi.

I know many might question the decision to place this varsity at the position, but truth be told things have improved at the UON. The proff Kiama led team has minimized issues of missing marks, making the varsity conducive for students.

3.Mount Kenya University:

Mku is the leading private university in Kenya. It is guaranteed that a normal student will finish a four year course even before the four years are over due to the tri-semester program. Try them today.

4.Strathmore University:

Strath is one of the rising varsities in Kenya, no wonder it is ranked among the top ten in the country. With a on-toes university management, timely completion of studies is real.

5.Chuka University:

The Tharaka Nithi varsity has improved interms of service delivery to students. Infrastructure is on the rise and soon the university will appear in the top 10 list as timely completion of studies has been achieved.




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