Best Loan Apps in Kenya

Best Loan Apps in Kenya are some of the most searched and downloaded apps in the country. We can all bear witness that the standards of living are becoming more expensive and unsustainable every day. The cost of living is increasing daily, making it very hard for low and medium-earning Kenyans to survive. You have probably heard of the phrase “Mwanaume ni deni” or ”Kama nchi ikona deni, mbona nikose”. These are some of the common phrases that Kenyans use when they are borrowing money. That aside, I present to you some of the best loan apps in the country.

1. Mpesa Fuliza.

Fuliza remains to be the Best Loan Apps in Kenya. The loan is accessible through the Safaricom mpesa app or their USSD code. A high number of mpesa users have access to this loan. Research shows that Kenyans love Fuliza more than other loan apps.

Best Loan Apps in Kenya

2.Zenka Loans.

These loans are among the Best Loan Apps in Kenya. Zenka is the new fish in town and is taking over apps by the storm. For the first borrowers, no interest is charged on your initial loan, meaning that you will only be liable for your original amount and nothing more.

Best Loan Apps in Kenya

3.Tala Loans.

Tala remains one of the Best Loan Apps in Kenya. Having existed in the Kenyan market for quite a while, the company has understood the needs of the citizens and it has delivered without delay. It is one of the most accessible loans in the country.

4.KCB Loans.Best Loan Apps in Kenya

Kenya commercial bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the country. The bank is also among the best lenders. You can access their loans via the KCB bank app or via your mpesa.

5. Branch Loan app. Best Loan Apps in Kenya.

Branch has existed in the Kenyan market for quite a while. It is one of the leading lenders in the country. Download their app and begin your journey today.


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